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Submissions to Galleries and Shows

I will help you in any way possible. This too is an interesting area. There are websites that cater to the artist and to show and festival planners . Please check out This service is free to the artist. You can upload up to 100 of your images and store them on their site. When a show or festival releases a "Call for Artist' you can submit your application, pay your fee, and send them your images right from the Zapplication site. There are other sites similar to this. Definitely the way of the future. Soooo easy.

I have helped several artist setup their accounts and image files and also completed the application requirements.

Charge is 50 cents a minute. Charging by the minute may seem strange but I have several customers where I just keep track of projects by the minute and then send an invoice monthly.


However many galleries and shows still require slides or prints. See "Slides" for prices.



I can also help you compile a portfolio for gallery submission, which would include your resume, bio, images pages, CD of images, etc. See Portfolios