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There are three portfolios to choose from.

The first one is a less expensive presentation binder that is suitable to leave at your exhibition site
that visitors will flip through often. Cost varies so call for an estimate.

The second one is a little nicer and great to leave with potential galleries or send off for show submissions.
The starting cost is $60 for the initial design and setup and $24 for each portfolio you see pictured here. However, the cost actually depends on whether I have your images already on file. If not, there will be a charge for processing the images that are used in the portfolio. Please call for a consultation.

The third is the leather bound portfolio pictured below. The cost for this beautiful collection of your art is approximately $350.00, which includes 25 - 32 printed pages.
Sample of Portfolio Pages
Printed Portfolio Display Page 8.5 x 11
Includes print on luster photo paper & portfolio plastic cover page